The Project

In 1971, when I was 6 years old, my dad and then brother-in-law took me to the Post TT motorcycle race meeting at Mallory Park.

The crowd was huge and the atmosphere was electric and the sight and sound of motorcycle racing were so intense. It was to be the start of a life long obsession with motorcycle racing and motorsport in general.

I suffered a brain tumor in 2005 having served 16 years in the Royal Air Force. This left me needing a wheelchair unable to work.

My memory has been getting more and more clouded and in 2021, during the pandemic, I tried to think back to those enjoyable days at the race tracks in the 70s and found that I was struggling to remember as much as I would have liked to. So I tried to find information online, which was very frustrating.

This got me thinking . . .

It was suggested that I should try and find as much information as I could from that period and see if I would have enough material to create a website.

I met a couple of people who became extremely helpful and I have managed to source a lot of valuable information, along with race programs that I started collecting.

So I began to plan the website and decide what information I wanted to show. I started with the 70s initially, as that is where it all began for me, it was just going to be British Championships and National Racing to include Rider Entries, Race Results, Lap Records, Round by Round Championship points and Championship Standings.

Then I started thinking and thought that I might as well add the World Championships too as I followed that closely, but how could I make it different, so I decided to add Race Reports where I could find the information.

This led me to add Road Racing and International Races overseas as well.

Something that I really wanted to add was an In Memoriam page. A lot of riders have lost their lives to this sport and deserve to be remembered, I just hope I have managed to do it in a respectful way.

Once the 70s have been completed I will be adding information for the 1960s, 1980s and 1990s.

Confirming which events contributed towards Championships, particularly in the supporting classes, has been extremely difficult and in some cases still ongoing.

To have images of as many riders as possible riding the actual bikes they are listed as riding in the races would be amazing, but because of copyright issues, this will be extremely difficult, unless there are photographers from that period who would be willing for their images to be displayed on the website with appropriate accreditation.

Would like to help with this project?

Do you have statistics that cover Race Results, Championship information or Championship Standings or Programs that I am missing?

Do you have any ideas for future inclusion in the website?

Please get in touch via the contact page?